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O impossivel e uma questao de opiniao!
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About: Uma garota de 18 anos, que ama ler, desenhar, The beatles, Green Day, Paramore, AC/DC, The Who ,The drums, The kooks, arctic monkeys, Harry Potter.
Aqui eu demonstro o que penso, vivo e sinto.

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Christopher Stott

"Christopher Stott (b.1976) is a realist painter. Stott works in a clean, simple, vivid compositional style using vintage objects set against white and neutral grounds with soft, natural light, focussing on the geometric designs of his subjects. Combining a subdued palette, he has a unique approach and consistent technique. Along with precise rendering balanced with very delicate, painterly brushwork, Stott’s work is approachable on multiple levels and has its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary representational painting."

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Just another lake photo


Just another lake photo

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Decorative Harry Potter Cushions / Pillows

Add some sophistication to your favorite room. Ideal for any witch or wizard, these decorative pillows feature the Marauder’s Map, a Harry Potter themed version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and Voldemort’s hand with the Deathly Hallows symbol. Sold on Storenvy.